GRE Biology (Ecology And Evolution)

Cathal Darby
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Mind Map on GRE Biology (Ecology And Evolution), created by Cathal Darby on 03/20/2014.

Cathal Darby
Created by Cathal Darby over 5 years ago
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GRE Biology (Ecology And Evolution)


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1 Environment/organism interaction
1.1 Biogeographic patterns
1.2 Physiological ecology
1.3 Temporal patterns
2 Behavioral ecology
2.1 Habitat selection
2.2 Mating systems
2.3 Social systems
2.4 Resource acquisition
3 Population Structure and Function
3.1 Population dynamics/regulation
3.2 Demography and life history strategies
4 Communities
4.1 Direct and indirect interspecific interactions
4.2 Community structure and diversity
4.3 Change and succession
5 Ecosystems
5.1 Productivity and energy flow
5.2 Chemical cycling
6 Genetic Variability
6.1 Origins (mutations, linkage, recombination and chromosomal alterations)
6.2 Levels (e.g., polymorphism and heritability)
6.3 Spatial patterns (e.g., clines and ecotypes)
6.4 Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
7 Evolutionary processes
7.1 Gene flow and genetic drift
7.2 Natural selection and its dynamics
7.3 Levels of selection (e.g., individual and group)
7.4 Trade-offs and genetic correlations
7.5 Natural selection and genome evolution
7.6 Synonymous vs. nonsynonymous nucleotide ratios
8 Evolutionary consequences
8.1 Fitness and adaptation
8.2 Speciation
8.3 Systematics and phylogeny
8.4 Convergence, divergence and extinction
8.5 Coevolution
9 History of life
9.1 Origin of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
9.2 Fossil record
9.3 Paleontology and paleoecology

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