Piaget's Stages of Development

William Chin
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William Chin
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Piaget's 4 stages of development in infancy and childhood

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Piaget's Stages of Development
  1. Senorimotor Stage
    1. 0-2 Years old
      1. Object Permanence
        1. Ability to understand objects exist even when not seen
        2. Differentiates self from objects
        3. Preoperational Stage
          1. 2-7 Years old
            1. Starts to represent objects with images and words
              1. Classifies objects by a single feature
                1. Egocentric thinking
                2. Concrete Operational Stage
                  1. 7-12 Years old
                    1. Thinks logically about 'concrete' objects
                      1. 'Concrete' meaning objects that are familiar
                      2. Able to reason about conservational problems
                      3. Formal Operational Stage
                        1. 12+Years
                          1. Thinks logically about abstract ideas
                            1. Able to test and evaluate ideas or hypotheses
                              1. Moral reasoning
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