Conservatives, Liberals and Labour

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Conservative,Liberal and Labour views and Labour 1906 reforms

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Conservatives, Liberals and Labour
1 Liberals and Conservatives
1.1 They didn't agree with giving government help to the poor
1.2 The government should interfere as little as possible
1.3 Wrong to raise taxes as people should be able to spend their own money
1.4 Giving poor people money was morally wrong as it undermined them
1.5 Some labour and conservatives were more open to helping the poor especially if it helped them get votes from the labour party
2 Labour
2.1 They didn't have many MP's both 1906
2.2 Had support from the working class
2.3 The poorest people in society should get government help
2.4 The government should get money from taxes to help the poor
2.5 The government should nationalise (take over) the major industries and use them to make profit
3 Liberal's 1906 Social Reforms
3.1 In 1906 the Liberal Party won a landslide general election victory over the Conservatives
3.2 29 Labour MP's were elected
3.3 The minority report, success of the Labour's and general public pressure encouraged the Liberal's to deal with poverty
3.4 Liberals had to compete with Labour with the support of the working class
3.4.1 This led to the emergence of "New Liberalisation" which favoured the government helping the poor
3.5 The Boer War showed how malnourished Britain was, this called for changes to making the working class fit
3.6 Lloyd George and Churchill worked the hardest to drive the bills to help the poor. They wanted to help the poor and make a name for themseleves

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