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case study
1 mumbai
1.1 Mumbai slums has an area of land 175 hectors/432 acres
1.1.1 Mumbai slums has a population of 1000000 people
1.2 in the Mumbai slums there are 1 toilet for every 1440 people
1.3 health and safety issues
1.3.1 there are little or no doctors
2 slums
2.1 over 1 million people live in slums
2.1.1 they make their own homes with what ever they can find the government have some help groups to help them sight and service the government buy land and put electricty, sewage and water in and rent them out at a low price self help self help is when people give them building materials to build better homes with so they have better living conditions
3 slums
4 solutions
4.1 social improvements
4.1.1 day care centres better education more change of getting a job less informal sector more money for the goernment better buildings better country
4.1.2 after school clubs safer for kids
4.1.3 adult education centres teach adults new skills new jobs more money
4.1.4 help with addictions drugs alcohol vilence less crime better community
4.2 economic solutions
4.2.1 people can apply to own their land
4.2.2 training people to learn new skills less informal sector more money for government
4.3 replace buildings
4.3.1 widens streets more light safer for pedestrians
4.3.2 safer for owners modern better building materials wont collapse in on you
4.4 community involvement
4.4.1 residents choose what to improve
4.4.2 neighbourhood associations to make choices
4.4.3 new serives are staffed by residents new skills new jobs more money better life better community
5.1 non government organisations
5.1.1 SPARC society promotion area resource centres this supports people helps them build better homes safer

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