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1 Compliance with someone's orders/wishes or acknowledgement of their authority.
2 AO1 Milgram 1963
2.1 To see how far pps will go when told to do extraordinary tasks by an authority figure.
2.2 40 men, ages 20-50, no students all of different job genre
2.3 Pp introduced to confederate and allocated 'random' role of teacher
2.3.1 Witnessed confederate being strapped into chair and wired to shock machine When pp left a recording was hooked up to the machine
2.4 teacher Q'ed confed and shocked him for wrong answers
2.4.1 15-450 volts, increase of 15 each time.
2.5 confederate began to complain at 300 volts
2.5.1 Silent after 330 volts
2.5.2 Had heart problems
2.6 If hesitant the experimenter encouraged teacher to carry on
2.7 65% administered 450volts
2.7.1 No one stopped before 300 volts Signs of stress shown People will obey ordered to hurt others even if it means acting against conscious
3 AO2 Milgram
3.1 Method
3.1.1 Lab experiment, controlled, standardised proceedure, reliable and replicable results
3.2 Validity
3.2.1 Low ecological validity, not an everyday task, not generalisable beyond setting
3.2.2 High internal validity, critisized for demand characteristics however signs of belief eg stress were shown, shows pps believed experiment.
3.3 Sample
3.3.1 Low population validity, only men used, androcentric bias, not generalisable to whole population
4 Milgram Variations.
4.1 Different location
4.1.1 run down office location = 48% 450V
4.2 Proximity
4.2.1 learner and teacher in same room = 40% 450v
4.3 Touching porximity
4.3.1 Pps had to place learners hand on shock panel = 30% 450V
4.4 Experimenter absence
4.4.1 experimenter gave instructions then left and contacted pp via phone = 20.5% 450V
4.5 Two peer rebels
4.5.1 2 confed and 1 real pp, confeds rebelled and was up to pp to continue = 10% 450V
4.6 Teachers discretion
4.6.1 Pps decided on the shock = 0.4% 450V
5 Bickman 1974
5.1 To see if uniforms affect obedience
5.2 Researchers in New York dressed up as guards, milkmen and civilians.
5.3 Asked public to preform tasks such as litter or move
5.4 90% of pps obeyed guard figure
5.5 50% obeyed normal citizen
5.6 People are more likely to obey from a percieved authority figure

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