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9th grade Biology Mind Map on Cells, created by Liam Kilbridge on 10/11/2016.

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  1. Structure and Functions
    1. DNA:long-term storage of information.
      1. Rough endoplasmic reticulum:Transports and packages protein.
        1. Cytoplasm:Where the chemical reactions happen in the cell.
          1. Mitochondria:Respiration occurs and creates energy.
            1. Chloroplast: Absorbs light from photosythesis
              1. Cell Membrane: It acts as a control to what comes in and out of the cell and protect the cells.
                1. Nucleus: Stores the DNA and controls the cell.
                  1. Cell Wall: Keeps the structure and strength of the plant.
                    1. Vacuole:Stores materials and wastes.
                    2. Ribosome:Build Protein for the cell.
                      1. Animal Cells
                        1. Plant Cells
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