Psychology final

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Psychology mind map

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Psychology final
  1. Biological level of analysis
    1. Behaviour can be innate because it is genetically based
      1. Animal research can provide insight into human behaviour
        1. There is a biological correlation to behaviour
        2. Cognitive level of analysis
          1. Human beings are information processes and mental representations guide behaviour
            1. Mental processes can and should be studied scientifically by developing theories and by using a variety of research methods
              1. Social and cultural factors affect cognitive processes
              2. Sociocultural level of analysis
                1. Humans are social animals and have a need to belong
                  1. Culture influences behaviour
                    1. Humans have a social self
                    2. Abnormality
                      1. When someone who has a feature or characteristic which doesn't follow the normal trend
                      2. Quantitative research
                        1. A systematic process where numerical data is used to obtain information
                        2. Qualitative research
                          1. Used to understand reasons, opinions and motivations, so more words are being recalled
                          2. Human relationships
                            1. Interpersonal relationship - a strong, deep association between two people which may be based on love and may have some social commitment
                            2. Research methods
                              1. A research method is a method used to find out some information, for example a case study is a research method used
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