The Cognitive Explanation of Gender Development

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The Cognitive Explanation of Gender Development
1 The cognitive approach focuses on the thinking behind gender development
1.1 Also the mental processes that allow a child to understand gender and enable the child to learn the appropriate gender role
2 Kohlberg's cognitive development theory
2.1 Principles behind Kohlberg's theory
2.1.1 Was interested in cognitive development, he believed that childrens minds develop in set stages broadly related to age
2.2 Three Stages of gender development
2.2.1 Gender identity stage 2-3 years Children are able to identify their own sex. They can also identify others sex
2.2.2 Gender Stability Stage 3-4 years, children are able to understand that their own gender is stable, they know they will always be the same sex
2.2.3 Gender Constancy Stage 4-7 years, children are able to understand that gender is generally constant
3 Marcus and Overton's study
3.1 Aim; to show that as children get older they develop gender constancy

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