Digital Storytelling

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Directions what I investigate

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Digital Storytelling


  1. DS for Intercultural Dialogue (Preliminry Study)
    1. About Training
      1. Participants
        1. Experiences and from Participants
          1. Questionnaire
            1. 8 Days Workshop
            2. DS Training for Teachers (TPDC)
              1. Two Days Training Program Writing
                1. Apply Training Programme to the TPDC
                  1. Selection of Teachers
                    1. Implementing of the New Training Programme in TPDC
                      1. Selection of the Teachers for Research in their schools/classes
              2. Experiment in Schools
                1. Selecting Experimental Groups
                  1. Pre-Mid-Post Test
                    1. Observation
                      1. Collecting the Data
                        1. Conclusion
                  2. Defining the Problem
                    1. Rewieving the Known Information
                      1. Creating the Hypothesis
                        1. Selection an Experiment design
                          1. Carry out the Experiment
                            1. Interpreting the Results
                              1. Reporting the Findings
                    2. Selecting Control Groups
                      1. Pre-Mid-Post Test
                        1. Observation
                          1. Collecting the Data
                            1. Conclusion
                    3. ICT Conference: Topic: DS in School
                      1. Understand the importance of DS
                        1. Enhance ICT Skills
                          1. Understand the Method of DS
                            1. design of DS project
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