Core Biology (AQA)

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Core Biology (AQA)
1 Cause of Diseases
1.1 Infectious Disease
1.1.1 Caused By Bacteria or fungus
1.1.2 How its transmitted Through the air Through Contact Uncleansed environments
1.1.3 Examples of Infectious Disease Measles Flu HIV or AIDS Weeping Cough
1.2 Non Infectious Disease
1.2.1 This type of disease cannot be transferred
1.2.2 Causes Genetic Disorders Tumours Cancer Human or Enviroment Diet CO2 Surroundings
2 Fighting Infection
2.1 Ignaz Semmelweis
2.1.1 Research Doctors are unsanitary and didn't wash their hands Looking into deaths with hospitals
2.1.2 What he did Antiseptics Germ Theory Developed this idea from Pasteur (The creator of Germ Theory
2.2 Antibiotics
2.2.1 Powerful Medicine
2.2.2 Developed Pathogens
2.2.3 Positives Quick Treatment to illness Multiple antibiotic for multiple illnesses
2.2.4 Negatives Creates resistant pathogens Cant kill viruses
3 Diet and Exercise
3.1 Deficiency
3.1.1 Symptoms Fainting Physical wear on body Drowsiness
3.1.2 Lack of energy causes malnourishment
3.2 Vitamins and Minerals
3.2.1 Vitamin D
3.2.2 Vitamin C
3.2.3 Vitamin B
3.2.4 Iron
3.2.5 Calcium
3.3 What humans need in diet
3.3.1 Water
3.3.2 Fibre
3.3.3 Vitamins
3.3.4 Minerals
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