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Calla Handbook
  1. Cognitive Academic Language Approach
    1. Focuses on strengthening curriculum, instruction, and teacher expertise throughout the entire period that ELL's are developing academic competence in English
      1. CALLA- based on scientific research and includes 3 components in it's curricular and instructional design: topics from major content subjects, explicit instruction in learning strategies for both content and second language acquisition, and development of academic language and literacy.
        1. Uses the cognitive learning theory and declarative and procedural memory allowing students to focus on meaning and higher-level understanding
          1. Focus on the importance of teaching academic language, this is the key to success in content areas
            1. use the resources you have as a source for technical vocabulary, then create authentic academic tasks so students can use the language in discussions and reports
              1. Lesson plan template pages 44 and 45
    2. Teachers should provide students time for academic listening while they take notes.
      1. Cognitive learning theory- learning is an active, dynamic process where learners select information from their environment, organize the information then relate it to something they already know
        1. Declarative memory- when memory is stored in frameworks or schemata, this information can be expanded upon with new experiences and challenges
          1. Procedural memory- included simple and complex procedures, it underlies our ability to understand and generate langauge
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