Group Goals & Tasks

Laura McDaniel
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Group Dynamics: HMS 141 Mind Map on Group Goals & Tasks, created by Laura McDaniel on 10/16/2016.

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Laura McDaniel
Created by Laura McDaniel over 2 years ago
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Group Goals & Tasks
1 Generating
1.1 Concocting strategies
1.2 Producing new ideas
1.3 Developing plans
1.4 Creating novel solutions
1.5 Examples (Generating)
1.5.1 Community group coming up with fundraising ideas
1.5.2 Task force identifying new product markets
1.5.3 Military commanders discussing reduction of casualty risk
2 Choosing
2.1 Selecting between alternatives
2.2 Settling on a single option among many
2.3 Making a choice
2.4 Examples (Choosing)
2.4.1 legislative body, voting
2.4.2 students completing test as a group
2.4.3 jury deciding a defendant's guilt
2.4.4 Committee deciding selection of award candidate
3 Negotiating
3.1 Managing differences of opinions
3.2 Resolving conflicts & disputes
3.3 Improving coordination
3.4 Examples (Negotiating)
3.4.1 Team arguing about blame over loss of an account
3.4.2 Leader setting new requirements for attendance
3.4.3 Group taking action to expel a member
4 Executing
4.1 Taking action
4.2 Carrying out a plan
4.3 Making something
4.4 Performing a task
4.5 Examples (Executing)
4.5.1 Theater group performing a play
4.5.2 Military squad on the attack
4.5.3 Work crew building a house
4.5.4 Sports teams in competition
4.5.5 Protestors occupying a public park

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