Augustus and the People

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A Levels Rome AS (Augustus and the People) Mind Map on Augustus and the People, created by diddyp1 on 03/24/2014.

Created by diddyp1 over 5 years ago
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Augustus and the People
1 who are 'the people'?
1.1 Equites
1.2 Freedmen
1.3 Plebs
2 Treatment of Equites
2.1 Throughout Republic there had been a large amount of hostility between senate and equites
2.1.1 Augustus attempted to prevent futher clashes by introducing new powers to the equites With growth of Empire and power of Augustus many new positions were created to perform duties for Aug. Equites became Civil service for Augustus imperial bankers tax collectors administratiors
2.2 reorganised membership
2.2.1 those of 'honourable character'
2.2.2 those who had had least 4 000 000 SES
2.3 They received rewards for this post
2.3.1 they could wear tunic witha narrow purple stripe
2.3.2 occupy first 14 rows of theatre
2.3.3 wear golden ring of office
2.3.4 presented with a horse at public exspence
2.3.5 revival of military horse procession every 15th July
3 Treatment of Freedmen
3.1 Lex fufia caniania
3.1.1 2BC
3.1.2 proposed by consuls Geminus and Gallus, not Augustus
3.1.3 Limited testamentary manumission owners with 2 slaves could free both owners of 3-10 could free half owners with 100-200 slaves could free 1/5th
3.2 Lex Aeilia sentia
3.2.1 AD 4
3.2.2 no one under 28 could free a slave without demonstrable good cause and appeal to a council of 5 senators and 5 equites
3.2.3 no slave to be freed if under 30 unless permission from above
3.2.4 freed slaves who had been branded, tortured or trained as gladiators were permanently barrd from becoming citizen
4 reteatment of plebs
4.1 Augustus was still wary of advertising his supreme position in the state
4.1.1 the people rioted and demanded Augutus to be elected consul and refused to fill the vacancy until Agrippa returned to rome and told them to do so 22/21 BC
4.2 Grain supply
4.2.1 at the time of Augustus about 2/3rds of the plebs urbana were recipients of grain dole reduced those eligible for grain dole 250,000 to 200,000

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