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Plan for importing csv files into dietcheck

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Select csv email
1 R click on NOPT file
1.1 Select Copy
1.1.1 if in maize.harpers.local shrink maize r click csv folder on desktop select paste IMPORTING csv TO DIETCHECK open dietcheck dont have any diets open L click File top left corner of page L click import forage analysis... L click Select laboratory file on the left of the screen select Desktop when you have imported one file it will remember where you want to go and this step will not be needed L click on csv folder select last imported NOPT csv file Can be sorted by date L click open at the bottom of the page file name will appear in box at top of the screen L click laboratory select appropriate NutriOpt forage change farm feed library name if required Change source forage to best match this will fill in any blanks in the csv file check forage report client matches dietcheck client on the right of the page tick please tick to accept click import selected forage your forage is now in farm feeds!!
1.1.2 if working in outlook on laptop click r/h corner of the screen to show desktop right click csv folder on desktop
2 Saving NutriOpt csv file
2.1.1 create csv folder on your desktop R click on desktop select new folder name it csv
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