CALLA Approaches and Methods

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ESL Approaches and Methodologies: CALLA

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CALLA Approaches and Methods
1 Literacy across the Curriculum
1.1 integration of literacy and all content instruction
1.1.1 Process Writing involves thinking, reflection, and multiple revisions
2 Language Experience Approach
2.1 students' experiences are used to bridge new ideas
2.1.1 Cooperative Learning students engage in active practice of language and content
3 Balanced Reading Approach
3.1 careful balance between phonics and whole language
3.1.1 Phonics Instruction while Reading Authentic Texts balance is determined by individual student needs
4 Inquiry Approaches
4.1 students actively construct new ideas through learner-centered activites
4.1.1 Implementation of the Inquiry Cycle designed so that students learn from experiences
5 Standards-Based Instruction
5.1 lessons based on national/state standards in all content subjects
5.1.1 Implementation of National/State Standards (TESOL) what students should know in relation to the content at each grade level
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