The CALLA Method

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The CALLA Method
1 CALLA Method: The Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA) method is an instructional method of the cognitive approach that focuses on explicitly teaching CLD students to understand and tactifully apply metacognitive, cognitive, and social/affective strategies.
1.1 Cognitive Learning Strategies
1.1.1 Strategies that involve the mental or physical manipulation of infomation, including classification, linking new information to prior knowledge, and summarizing Elaboration of background knowledge Predicting/Making Inferences
1.2 Academic Content
1.2.1 Content from the General Education Curriculum: Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts
1.3 Academic Language
1.3.1 Focusing on Literacy
1.4 Learning Strategies
1.4.1 Explicit Instruction of strategies
1.5 A Cognitive-Social Model of Learning: An emphasis on cognition and a recognition that the social and cultural learning environment strongly influences the way in whcich students learn as well as their motivation for learning.
1.5.1 Metacognitive Learning Stategies Strategies that incorporate three domains: awareness of one's own cognitive abilities, the ability to discern the difficulty of a task, and the knowledge of how and when to use specific strategies Graphic Organizers Self-Monitoring
1.5.2 Social/Affective Learning Strategies Strategies that capitalize on the interconnectedness of the cognitive and the sociocultural dimensions of the CLD student biography; they may involve the learner as an individual or the learner in interaction with another or others. Questioning for clarification Cooperative Learning
1.6 Literacy Across the Curriculum
1.6.1 Integrates literacy and content instruction
1.7 Language Experience Approach
1.7.1 Helps develop initial language and literacy and uses students prior experience to bridge new ideas and concepts
1.8 Balanced Reading Approach
1.8.1 Provides phonics and reading authentic texts based on student needs
1.9 Process Writing
1.9.1 Assists writers in all content areas and helps students develop confidence and increased skill in writing
1.10 Cooperative Learning
1.10.1 A learning strategy used in CALLA and explicitly taught to students
1.11 Inquiry Approaches
1.11.1 Students investigate questions and problems of personal interest
1.12 Standards-based Instruction
1.12.1 Lessons based on national and state standards for content and language
2 A combination of methods, strategies, and approaches are essential for CLD students. Instruction must be scaffolded and explicit for CLD students to be able to use and apply learning strategies. Additionally, CLD students often struggle with reading, writing, and using higher-order thinking skills. Therefore, it is imperative that teachers integrate content instruction, language instruction, and strategies instruction. The CALLA Method is a method that encourages this integration.
2.1 Successful Language Learners
2.1.1 Rely on background knowledge
2.1.2 Use metacognitive strategies
2.1.3 Use strategies flexibly
2.1.4 Use multiple strategies
2.1.5 Use complex strategies appropriately
2.1.6 Focus on meaning
2.1.7 Unknown words do not hinder comprehension
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