B4 - Its a green world

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B4 - Its a green world
1 Ecology in the local environment
1.1 Organisms can be collected using a variety of methods, including: Nets, Pooters, Pitfall traps, Quadrats
1.2 capture recapture
1.2.1 The numbers of marked and unmarked animals caught in the traps are recorded. The population size is estimated using this formula: Population size = Number in first sample x number in second sample / number in second sample previously marked
1.2.2 There is no death, immigration or emigration The sampling methods used are identical The marking has not affected the survival rate of the animals
1.3 Biodiversity Biodiversity is the variety of different species living in a habitat. The greater the number of different species in a habitat, the greater its biodiversity.
1.4 kite diagrams: The distribution of organisms in a habitat is affected by the presence of other living organisms. It is also affected by abiotic factors (physical factors) such as availability of light or water
1.4.1 A gradual change in the distribution of species across a habitat is called zonation
2 Photosynthesis
3 Leaves and photosynthesis
4 Diffusion and osmosis
5 Transport in plants
6 Plants need minerals
7 Decay
8 Farming

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