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mindmap about diet

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  1. need a balanced diet
    1. carbohydrate
      1. proteins
        1. minerals
          1. vitamins
            1. fats
            2. reasons for...
              1. carbohydrates
                1. energy source
                2. proteins
                  1. energy source
                    1. growth and repair
                    2. fats
                      1. energy source
                      2. minerals & vitamins
                        1. keeping healthy
                      3. malnourished
                        1. too fat
                          1. too thin
                            1. deficiency diseases
                            2. losing body mass
                              1. slimming diets
                                1. eating less & exercising more
                                  1. both lead to more energy being used than taken in
                                    1. body forced to use stored fat as energy
                                2. metabolic rate
                                  1. rate at which chemical reaction take place in cells
                                    1. affected by genes
                                      1. inherited from parents
                                      2. greater prop of muscle/fat
                                        1. the higher metabolic rate is
                                      3. cholesterol
                                        1. High level cholesterol
                                          1. increased risk of developing plaques
                                          2. plaques
                                            1. develop in wall of arteries
                                              1. clots block arteries
                                                1. arteries stop oxygenated blood to heart muscle
                                                  1. causes heart attacks
                                            2. Low density lipoprotein
                                              1. bad cholesterol
                                                1. causes heart disease
                                              2. high density lipoprotein
                                                1. helps protect against heart disease
                                                  1. moves cholesterol from walls of blood vessels
                                              3. saturated fat
                                                1. lowers blood cholesterol level
                                                  1. some people keep lower blood pressure
                                                    1. inherited from parents
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