Changing Settlements in the UK

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Edexcel B Geography New Spec Revision guide for Topic 6 of Geography

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Changing Settlements in the UK
1 Multiple Deprivation
1.1 Lacking adequate food, shelter, education and health care. It is a measure which takes into account different measures of deprivation and produces an overall rating.
1.1.1 Inner city areas usually have the highest multiple deprivation rating.
2 Comparing Rural Lifestyles
2.1 Scottish Highlands
2.1.1 Limited Congestion Pollution
2.1.2 Picturesque Landscape
2.1.3 Distance to commute
2.1.4 Weather problems Snow/Extreme Weather
2.2 East Anglia
2.2.1 Good for commuting
2.2.2 Job Opportunities Well paid Stressful
2.2.3 Future Urban Sprawl
2.2.4 Traffic Congestion
3 Impacts of the Housing demand in the UK
4 Rebranding Liverpool
4.1 Why?
4.1.1 To re-image the local area and make it a better place to live for the local people.
4.1.2 To remove derelict buildings
4.1.3 In the 1980s Liverpool experienced economic and social deprivation along with high levels of crime.
4.1.4 After 1960’s the had been affected by industrial decline
4.2 Benefits
4.2.1 The removal of derelict warehousing will mean new housing will occur this will bring in new jobs and a new image for run down areas, this will allow more tourism to enter the city.
4.2.2 With the area being re-branded more companies would want to invest in the area such as: leisure and dining, cinema and café’s.
4.2.3 Night life - clubs, entertainment and comedy
4.2.4 Derelict warehousing will be replaced with new housing built upon Brownfield sites, meaning no more harm to the land.
5 Settlement Functions
5.1 Port - the original function of cities such as Liverpool and Southampton. Both are still ports, but this function has diminished in importance and they are now multifunctional.
5.2 Market town - Watford was originally a market town, and although it still holds a regular market, it is now a thriving multifunctional centre.
5.3 Resort - Southport was a popular Victorian seaside resort, although it now has many functions and is a commuter settlement for Liverpool.
6 the Eden Project, in stimulating growth in the rural economy and arresting outmigration.
6.1 Opened in 2001
6.1.1 Built in the bottom of an old clay pit, it has transformed local area and environment
6.1.2 Two 'biomes'
6.2 Over £150 million earned to surrounding region
6.3 Secured 200 local jobs
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