Gandhi's Campaigns 1930-1932

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Gandhi's Campaigns 1930-1932
1 December 1929
1.1 Purna Swaraj
1.1.1 Made an official aim of Congress (J. Nehru Congress President)
2 Salt March - March 1930
2.1 Aim: Boycott the salt tax
2.1.1 Tax made by the British on an essential part of Indian's diet due to hot climate
2.1.2 Walked 400km with 78 supporters from his ashram (small religious community) to the sea at Dandi Beach Gandhi had a gathering before the march which attracted 75,000 people
2.1.3 British Response Salt Production Works at Dharasana - 2000 demonstrators were attacked by police using lathis (steel-tipped cane) 2 people were killed and 320 were injured
3 Mass Civil Disobedience
3.1 20,000 people arrested including Gandhi
4 1st Round Table Conference - 12th November 1930
4.1 Failure: Gandhi and Congress didn't attend
4.1.1 Shows Gandhi's Importance
4.2 16 Princes, 57 representatives: Muslims, Sikhs and Untouchables attended,
4.3 Agreed on being reserved seats and heading towards dominion status
5 Gandhi-Irwin Pact - March 1931
5.1 Gandhi's Side
5.1.1 Civil Disobedience movement would be halted Civil Disobedience scared the British. Pushed them into negotiation! Suggests Gandhi is of a similar status to the Viceroy!!
5.1.2 Congress would participate in round table conferences
5.2 Irwin's Side
5.2.1 Police brutality inquiry would held
5.2.2 Political prisoners not guilty of violent crime would be released
5.2.3 Fines cancelled, other restrictions lifted, banned organisations would be unbanned
5.2.4 Gov.t promised that all future changes would be in the interests of India itself
6 2nd Round Table Conference September 1931
6.1 Congress demanded and instructed Purna Swaraj
6.2 Gandhi says he is speaking for ALL Indians
6.2.1 No need for reserved seats Angered Muslims, Untouchables, Sikhs and Princes
6.3 Ended in disagreement
7 Gandhi re-arrested and Civil Disobedience restarts
7.1 Brutality had continued in Bengal after the 2nd Round Table Conference
7.1.1 Viceroy Willingdon saw this as an opportunity to strengthen the weak position of Lord Irwin therefore Gandhi was arrested.
7.2 Shows British didn't think much of pact
7.2.1 Took what they wanted (Gandhi being arrested) and then broke it

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