Conventions of a magazine contents page

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Conventions of a magazine contents page
1 Layout
1.1 Set out in columns (usually 3 or 4)
2 One main image
2.1 Other smaller images
2.1.1 An image of the front cover of the magazine
2.1.2 Photography It is credited for the front cover, and there are interesting and varied photographs.
2.2 Structured layout
2.3 Page numbers on the images, which anchors to the written content
3 Top of the page
3.1 Magazine name
3.2 Issue date
3.3 The word contents
4 Subscription and contact information
5 Editor's letter
5.1 Sometimes appears on the top, left hand side of the page.
6 Colours
6.1 Use the same colour scheme, as the front cover
6.2 Simple colour scheme
7 Contents
7.1 Split into categories and headings used to identify them
7.1.1 Main categories: -features -regulars
7.2 Written in the same conventional way
7.2.1 First line - page number, 1 or 2 words often in bold font to intrigue the reader or could be the artists name, 12 to 13 points
7.3 Sublines
7.3.1 Give more specific detail about what the articles are about, smaller font and Roman, largest type size is 11pt
8 Bottom of the page
8.1 Page number
8.2 Magazine title
8.3 Issue date
8.4 Often web address
9 Usually 1 or 2 pages
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