Contents Page Conventions

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Media Studies contents page codes and conventions

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Contents Page Conventions
1 Layout
1.1 Set out in columns, usually 3 or 4
2 One main image
2.1 Relating to a feature article
3 Smaller images
4 Page numbers on the images
4.1 These anchor to the written content
5 Structured layout
6 Top of the page
6.1 Name of magazine
6.2 Issue date
6.3 Word content
7 Subscription and contact information
8 Editors letter
8.1 Sometimes appears on the top, left hand side of the page
9 An image of the front cover of the magazine
10 Colours
10.1 Same simple colour scheme as front cover
11 Photography is crdited
12 Divided into categories and headings
12.1 Features: something special for that particular week
12.2 Regualrs: Something which can often be found in the magazine
13 Written in same way for first line
13.1 Page number
13.2 1 or 2 words, artists name usually
14 Sublines
14.1 Give more specific detail about the article

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