Bangladesh floods 2004

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GCSE Geography, Water on the land case study

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Bangladesh floods 2004
1 Causes
1.1 Human
1.1.1 Trees have been cleared for farmland
1.1.2 Building of new towns in China has destroyed lots of forest
1.1.3 Many of the existing flood defences don't work
1.2 Physical
1.2.1 70% of Bangladesh is less than 1m below sea level
1.2.2 There were heavy monsoon rains
1.2.3 The amount of monsoon rain increases each year
1.2.4 There was lots of melting snow from the Himalayas added to rivers
2 Short term response
2.1 Airport flooded- foreign aid couldn't get in
2.2 UN appeal reached $74 million
2.3 Wateraid posters showed danger of drinking dirty water
2.4 Food, medicines and blankets were given to survivors
2.5 Relief and aid couldn't be distributed, rail and roads damaged
3 Long term response
3.1 Economic cost was $2.2bn
3.2 The world bank gave a 5yr loan to help with repairs
3.3 Locals rebuilt houses on 2m stilts
3.4 70,000 children were helped by school boats
3.5 Bangladeshi villagers could receive texts about severe weather warnings in 2009
4 Primary effects
4.1 6,500 bridges destroyed
4.2 800 people killed
4.3 80% of country was under 1m of water
4.4 Some areas underwater for 2 months
4.5 500,000 cattle killed
4.6 11,000km of roads were damaged
5 Secondary effects
5.1 Shipping from main port was disrupted
5.2 36 million made homeless
5.3 1/4 million people had dirty water
5.4 1/4 million had diarrhoea
5.5 Rice growing and fish farming disrupted
5.6 Over 400 factories closed
6 Case study detail
6.1 They were the worst floods this century

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