Piaget Theory: Stage 1 - Sensorimotor Period = birth - 2yrs

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Piaget Theory: Stage 1 - Sensorimotor Period = birth - 2yrs
  1. Phase 1: birth - 1 month = reflexes
    1. sucking (1st one), grasping
      1. adapt and modify movements in response to objects [shape, size, texture]
      2. Phase 2: 1-4 months = primary circular reactions
        1. co-ordinating behaviours
          1. starting to integrate reflexes
            1. when random movements lead to unexpected but pleasant outcome, which they then start to reproduce
            2. Phase 3: 4-8 months = secondary circular reaction
              1. working out reactions to behaviour
                1. cause and effect - realising direct consequences
                2. learning connections between casual action and their effects on the environment
                  1. at the end of this stage able to retrieve partially hidden objects
                  2. Phase 4: 8-12 months = coordination of secondary schemas
                    1. acquire more advancement in effect, goal directed behaviour
                      1. show first genuine intentional behaviour
                        1. understanding object permanence = 9 months
                          1. don't full understand as make the A not B error
                            1. not yet able to separate concept of an object going missing and the actions used to find it
                        2. Phase 5: 12-18 months = tertiary circular reactions
                          1. play with objects in different ways, interact with the world in a flexible way
                            1. object permanence - no longer make A not B error
                              1. actively experimenting with different actions to examine its effect on the physical and social environment
                              2. Phase 6: 18 months - 2 years = representational thought
                                1. experimenting - "what will happen if I do this?"
                                  1. prediction and planning not trial and error
                                    1. ability to create mental representations - independent of perceptual or motor experience
                                      1. first signs of "deferred imitation: - repetition of another's behaviour some time after it has been observed
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