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1 Production
1.1 3. A pair of electrons from the C=O double bond is pushed onto the oxygen
1.2 1. Potassium cyanide is an ionic compound.
1.2.1 It dissociates in water to form K+ ions and CN- ions
1.3 2. The CN- ion from the KCN attacks the partially positive carbon atom and donates a pair of electrons, forming a bond
1.4 4. The oxygen bonds to a H+ ion to form the hydroxyl group and a hydroxynitrile is produced
2 Racemic
2.1 Double bonds are planar, nucleophiles can attack from both sides of the double bond
2.2 The nucleophilic attack of cyanide ions in aldehydes or unsymmetrical ketones can lead to a racemic mixture of hydroxynitriles
2.3 This is because nucleophilic attack of the slightly positive carbon can occur from either above or below the plane
2.4 Different enantiomers form, so a racemic mixture is made
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