Classical Studies: Medea

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Lewis White
Created by Lewis White over 6 years ago
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1 Introduction
1.1 The tutor and nurse discuss Jason's betrayal of Medea
1.1.1 The nurse fears that Medea may do something to the boys
1.2 Medea comes out from crying and cursing
1.2.1 She explains that she is alright but it is obvious that she is not as she constantly insults Jason and men in general The chorus sympathise with Medea and talk of how it is better not to have children
1.3 Jason enters the stage
1.3.1 He explains that he's marrying the princess to help the family by giving them money
1.3.2 Medea claims that he is a coward and is only marrying her as she is young
1.4 CREON! King of Corinth, tells Medea that she must leave immediatley
1.4.1 She convinces him to give her one day to pack her things and say her goodbyes He claims that she cannot do the damage that he fears in one day
2 Medea meets Aegeus, King of Athens
2.1 He says that he is there to ask the [magical women who can tell the future] if he will ever have children
2.1.1 They tell him jibberish
2.2 Medea makes Aegeus swear that no matter what, he will let her move to Athens with him
2.2.1 In return, she will give a potion that will give him a child
2.2.2 He agrees to this
3 Medea devises a plan to kill her enemies
3.1 She has Jason come back and apoligises
3.1.1 She says that she was foolish and that he was completely right Jason falls for this (idiot) She asks him to take the children and look after them and to take this (poisoned) dress as a gift for the princess He at first questions this as she 'already has plenty of dresses' Medea convinces him to take the boys and dress The princess at first neglets the boys until she sees the dress and accepts She puts it on and dies from the poison Her father, CREON! King of Corinth, runs in when he sees her on the floor and holds her body, but gets stuck and is killed by the poison aswell
3.2 Medea kills her children so that no one will steal them from her
3.2.1 The chorus are outside and can hear it happening, but do nothing
3.3 Jason comes to Medea's house to demand an explination for the murder of the princess
3.3.1 The chorus tell him that the children are dead
3.3.2 Medea appears in a chariot sent by her grandfather, the sun god, and flies away

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