Classical Studies: Ancient Athens: Government

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Question Answer
Did anybody assist the Archons? Two groups did. The Assembly (a large group of landowners as the Assembly was not paid) and the Areopagus concil (in the hands of the Aristocracy)
What did Draco do? The threat of revoulution arose and Draco extinguished it with written law so that the laws could be documented. Unfortunately, most cases of crime led to being executed
What did Solon do? Solon was given full power to reform the law. He introduced the shaking off of burdens which meant that anyone who owed money to anyone no longer had to pay it back
What did Pesistratus do? In 561 BC he was elected Polemarch. He pretended that he was attacked and was given bodyguards. He used these bodyguards to try and take the Acropolis and failed which caused him to be banished from Athens for 5 years. 6 years later he returned with a women he had dressed up as Athena trying to make people think had the blessing of the patriant god of Athens to return. People saw through this and he left after a quarrel. 9 years later he returns with an army and establishes himself as a tyrant. He rules Athens until death.
What did Cleisthenes do? Cleisthenes invented the new tribal system. He got rid of the current four tribes and invented ten new ones.
What is a Democracy? Democracy is when the power belongs to the people
Was Democracy in Athens the same as our Democracy? Women, slaves boys under eighteen and Greeks from other cities were not allowed to vote
How did Athens let everyone (who met the requirements) vote? The Attica (Athens and the surrounding are) were split into tribes (originally 4, later 10) which were then split into Phratrys (Brotherhoods) which were then split into a Genos (group) which were then split into an Olkos (the household)
Who ran this democracy of Athens? There were three Archons. Archon Basileus who controlled the religious duties, Polemarchos who controlled the army and Archon Eponymous who was the first Archon; head of state