Oedipus Tyrannus

Lewis White
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National 5 Classical Studies (Oedipus Tyrannus) Mind Map on Oedipus Tyrannus, created by Lewis White on 09/26/2013.

Lewis White
Created by Lewis White about 6 years ago
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Oedipus Tyrannus
1 The play starts with people moaning about problems to Oedipus (miasma)
1.1 Oedipus has sent his brother-in-law/uncle (ew) to consult the [crazy women who can tell the future]
1.1.1 CREON!!! returns and says that they must either kill or exile the murderer of Laius (the previous king) to be rid of the miasma Oedipus says that he will only exile the murderer
2 Tiresias enters
2.1 Oedipus demands he tells him all he knows
2.1.1 Tiresias claims he should not, for Oedipus' sake Oedipus demands him to tell him what he knows once again Tiresias says that Oedipus was the murderer of Laius Oedipus says he is lying and plotting against him with Creon Tiresias leaves
2.2 Tiresias is a crazy blind morphodite fortune teller
3 Creon returns
3.1 He has heard the accusations of Oedipus
3.1.1 Oedipus confirms that these accusations and true and that Creon is a traitor Creon claims that he would rather keep his power while doing no work than have a little more power and a huge amount of work Oedipus tells him to leave immediately Oedipus' wife enters and stops the fight Creon leaves
4 Oedipus talks with his wife about the murder
4.1 He discovers that he may have been the murderer
4.1.1 A slave arrives informing Oedipus that his father has died Oedipus does not want to take his father's throne in fear of marrying his mother The slave tells him that he is not their son
5 Oedipus demands to know who his parents were
5.1 The slave tells him a different slave gave Oedipus to him
5.1.1 He has this slave brought to him The slave tells him that his father is the king he killed... ...and his mother is the woman he married!
6 Oedipus looks for his mother
6.1 He finds that she has hung herself
6.1.1 Oedipus gouges his eyes out He then leaves forever

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