LOTF - Chapter 1

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I don't take credit, all the beautiful analytical phrases are from Sparknotes which i am forever in debt to.

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LOTF - Chapter 1
1 Civilsation vs. Barbarism
1.1 Dramatises conflict between civilisation and Barbarism
1.2 Artistic choices made by Golding are designed to emphasise this rivalry
1.3 Over the course of the novel Golding portrays the rise and fall of the isloated, makeshift society created by the boys
2 Civilisation Itself
2.1 In chp. 1 Golding establishes the parameters in which the civilisation functions
3 Boys
3.1 The fact that they are boys is v important
3.1.1 These boys are half formed, perched between civilisation and savagery Thus they embody the novel's central conflict They live in constant tension with regard to the rules and regulations they are expected to follow. Left to their own devices they naturally resort to violence, cruelty.
4 Golding's Ideas
4.1 He wants to portray the idea that moral and societal constraints are learned rather than innate
4.1.1 Brings in the sociological debate Nature v.s Nurture
4.2 Human tendency to obey rules is imposed by a system and not a fundamental part of human nature
4.2.1 Savagery comes more natural to us Our feral/ animalistic instincts Young boys are a prime example of this premise
4.3 Golding uses symbols to present themes and dramatic conflicts in the novel
4.3.1 In chp. 1 Golding uses the bespectacled Piggy to represent the scientific and intellectual aspects of society
4.3.2 Conch Shell is also a symbol represents law, order and political legitimacy

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