Fibre To Fabric

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From The Fleece Of The Sheep To The Silk Worm Silk Every Definition Is Here

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Fibre To Fabric
1 Cocoon
1.1 The Covering of Caterpillars By A Silk Fibre Done By Itself
2 Scouring
2.1 The Fleece Which Is Washed In Tanks To Remove Grease, Dust And Dirt
3 Silk Moth
3.1 The Insect Which Gives Silk By Laying Eggs And Developing It Into A Silk Worm
4 Fleece
4.1 The Hair Of Sheep OR Yak
5 Sericulture
5.1 The Rearing of Silk Worm For Obtaining Silk
6 Silk Worm
6.1 The Actual And The Main Source Of Silk We Obtain
7 Reelng
7.1 The Process of taking Out Threads From The Cocoon For The Use of Silk
8 Shearing
8.1 The Process In Which The Fleece of A Sheep Along With A Thin Layer Of Skin Is Removed From The Body
9 Sorting
9.1 It Is The Process In Which The Hairs Are Separated Out By Their Color, Texture And Other Features
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