Environmental Pollution.

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Environmental Pollution.
1 Can be caused by the dumping of rubbish into waters or sewerage, fertilizers and oil draining into waters.
1.1 Water Pollution.
1.1.1 This polluted water then gets into our water systems and affects the nutritional value of foods we cook using it. This pollution can also be in the sea food we eat and have a similar nutritional affect.
2 Air Pollution.
2.1 Air pollution can be caused by things like burning fossil fuels and emissions from cars and factories.
2.2 This pollutant is then in the air food is growing in or is introduced to. This affects the natural nutrition value of fruit, vegetables and crops.
3 Soil Pollution.
3.1 Agricultural treatments like fertilizers and pesticides added to soil to helps plants prosper and avoid them being destroyed.
3.2 This leads to nutritional deficient foods as the nutrients and minerals from natural fertile soil are destroyed.
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