History Public Health Dates

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Public Health Dates for GCSE history

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1760 Industrial revolution starts
1831-1832 Cholera outbreak kills approximately 8,000 people in London
1832 Investigation into the poor laws
1834 Poor law amendment act
1842 Edwin Chadwick publishes "Sanitary conditions of the laboring population of Great Britain"
1848 Cholera epidemic kills approximately 12,000
1848 First public health act
1854 Broad street Cholera outbreak
1855 Dr John Snow diagnoses the waterborne nature of Cholera
1858 The Great Stink
1866 Cholera epidemic in London
1867 Reform act
1875 Second public health act
1875 Artisan and Labour Dwellings Improvement Act
1875 Joseph Chamberlain orchestrates slum clearance in Birmingham
1889 Charles Booth publishes "Labour and Life of the People"
1899 Seebohm Rowntree publishes "Poverty a Study of Town Life"
1899 Boer war rejects recruits en masse due to poor physical health
1906 Free school meals act
1907 School medical inspections begin
1908 Old Age Pensions Act
1909 Labour exchanges set up
1910 Lloyd George's "Peoples Budget" is passed
1911-1912 National Insurance Act
1914 Start of first world war
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