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1836 The cumplosary registration of births and deaths began. William Farr organised the recording of the causes of all deaths in each district.
1842 Edwin Chadwick wrote the 'Report on the Sanitary Conditions of the labouring poor'.
1854 John Snow proved that an outbreak of cholera in London was caused by contaminated water.
1860's Pasteur demonstrated the link between germs and disease.
1821/2 The first major cholera epidemic.
1848 The second major cholera epidemic.
1865/6 The third major cholera epidemic.
1867 The Parlimentary Reform Act.
1847 Some MPs introduced a Public Bill to parliament which aimed to improve things.
1848 The First Public Health Act was passed.
1858 The Great Stink.
1875 The Second Public Health Act was passed.
1876 All shopkeepers were prevented from seeing food that could harm customers.
1876 A law was passed to ban the pollution of rivers.
1906 Free meals were provided for school children.
1907 Schools provided health checks for pupils.
1908 Old Aged Pensions were introduced.
1909 Back-to-Back Houses were banned and regulations to specify minimum standards for new houses were introduced.
1911 The National Insurance Act was set up to help ill workers in need of money to buy food and medicines when they were unable to work.
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