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GCSE Biology notes for Darwin and lamarck's theories

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1 Darwins theory
1.1 Darwin's theory of evolution explains how life on Earth has changed over geological time. Scientists believe this is the reason why all living things on Earth exist today. The theory is supported by evidence from fossils, and by the rapid changes that can be seen to occur in microorganisms such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Many species have become extinct in the past and the extinction of species continues to happen.
1.1.1 Darwin’s theory conflicted with religious views that God had made all the animals and plants on Earth
1.1.2 Darwin did not have enough evidence at the time to convince many scientists it took 50 years after Darwin’s theory was published to discover how inheritance and variation worked.
1.1.3 Unlike Lamarck's theory, Darwin's theory of evolution accounted for the continued presence of simple organisms.
2 Lamarck’s theory
2.1 theory involved two ideas: A characteristic which is used more and more by an organism becomes bigger and stronger, and one that is not used eventually disappears. Any feature of an organism that is improved through use is passed to its offspring.
2.1.1 Lamarck's theory cannot account for all the observations made about life on Earth. For instance, his theory implies that all organisms would gradually become complex, and simple organisms disappear.


  • THE BIG PROBLEM This means his theory wasn't supported by other scientists at the time.

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