Explain the Key Features of 1956 War

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Arab Israeli Conflict

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Explain the Key Features of 1956 War
1 British Government thought that the Suez Canal attack was a threat to the common wealth and for oil to pass through.
2 Boost to Arab Nationalism and Nasr. He planned to unite Arab World under his leadership.
3 Every British and French asset was seiged and properly was attacked and destroyed in Arab world.
4 It was a massive blow to British and French prestige and influence. They ignored the UN charter. US relationship suffered.
5 The British and French said that they were intervening and that 200 warships bombarded Port Said then landed 22,000 troops. Port Said was blocked by sunken ships.
6 British and French planes began to bomb the Egyptian air force destroying most of Nasser's planes. On 1st November 1956 the UN called for ceasefire.
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