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1 principle of uniformitarianism
1.1 This is when processes that are happening now are used to find out the past
1.1.1 for example: transport in water leads to rounded pebbles. So if we found a bed of rounded pebbles we would know there was a river there
2 Catastrophism
2.1 Geological Processes that happen over very short periods of time. For example: Volcanism Meteorite, Impacts, Earthquakes
3 Gradualism
3.1 Geological Processes that happen over very long periods of time. Erosion Oceans getting wider Mountain Building
4 Forming Minerals
4.1 From the Crystallisation from magma or lava Igneous Minerals inside a lava flow or batholith
4.1.1 Quartz, Mica, Feldspar
4.2 From Precipitation from water as it dribbles through gaps in rocks Limescale on your kettle or a stalactite or binding a sandstone
4.2.1 Calcite
4.3 From the crystallisation from hydrothermal fluids that travel through faults - weaknesses = veins Like the setting of a Jelly as it cools.
4.3.1 Galena, Haematite
4.4 Some Recrystallise in the formation of a metamorphic rock At a destructive Continental-Continental collision
4.4.1 Calcite, Garnet
4.5 Some Crystallise from evaporating sea-water Imagine you are at the beach and just been for a swim As you dry naturally, you have a thin layer of salt on you
4.5.1 Halite
5 predicting volcanoes
5.1 gas emissions- magma is moving around underground releasing gas
5.2 ground temperature- magma is moving underground
5.3 acidity level in streams- Sulphur is being released as magma is moving around.
5.4 Bulges on volcano side- Magma is moving up to surface
5.5 Magmatic Quakes- Magma moving around cracking rocks to create space
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