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  1. Qualitative analysis
    1. Analysing substances
      1. Blood tests
        1. Carried out to monitor patients general health
          1. Can also be used to diagnose diseases
            1. measuring cholesterol in blood - diagnose heart disease
              1. alcohol content of a drivers blood
      2. Testing for ions
        1. calcium, Ca2+
          1. White precipitate
            1. Ca2+(aq) + 2OH- (aq) --> Ca(OH)2 (s)
          2. Copper(ll) Cu2+
            1. Blue precipitate
              1. Cu2+ (aq) + 2OH- (aq) ---> Cu(OH)2 (s)
            2. Iron(ll) Fe2+
              1. Green precipitate
                1. Fe2+ (aq) + 2OH- (aq) --> Fe(OH)2 (s)
              2. Iron(lll)Fe3+
                1. Brown precipitate
                  1. Fe3+ (aq) + 3OH- (aq) --> Fe(OH)3 (s)
                2. Aluminium Al3+
                  1. White precipitate then redissolves in excess NaOH to form colourless solution
                    1. Al3+ (aq) + 3OH- (aq) -->Al(OH)3 (s)
                      1. Then
                        1. Al (OH)3 (s) + OH-(aq) --> Al (OH)-4 (aq)
                3. Qualitative analysis tells you WHAT is present
                  1. Could mean doing tests
                    1. To work out the identity of a mystery substance
                      1. Lots of substances are made up of different bits
                        1. EG- ionic substances all have a positive bit and a negative bit
                    2. Ionic reactions
                  2. Quantitative analysis
                    1. Measuring amounts
                      1. solutions and concentrations
                        1. Hard Water
                          1. Titrations
                            1. Preparing soluble salts
                            2. Electrolytic processes
                              1. Electrolysis of molten substances
                                1. Electrolysis of solutions
                                  1. Electrolysis of copper electrodes
                                    1. Electroplating
                                    2. Gases,reversible reactions and ammonia
                                      1. Calculating volumes
                                        1. Reversible reactions
                                          1. The haber process
                                          2. Organic chemistry
                                            1. Homologous series
                                              1. Production of ethanol
                                                1. Production and issues of ethanol
                                                  1. Ethene and ethanoic acids
                                                    1. Esters
                                                      1. Uses of Esters
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