Planet earth

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Created by james.glassey over 6 years ago
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Planet earth
1 Origins of life
1.1 Scientist
1.1.1 Big bang
1.2 Religion
1.2.1 God created in 7 days
1.2.2 Stewardship
1.2.3 Awe and wonder Awe - Mixed emotions ..respect,wonderauthorityBeautiful landscape...think creator Wonder - emotion aroused by something astonishing
2 World problems
2.1 Climate change
2.2 Global warming
2.3 Pollution
2.3.1 Noise,air,light,water
2.3.2 Causes green house gases
2.3.3 Acid rain
2.4 Natural habitat
2.4.1 Pollution destroys habitats
2.4.2 Deforestation ruin our benefit and polluting rainforest contain plants used for medicines - lost Animals become extinct
2.5 Abuse of natural resources
2.5.1 Using greater quantities
2.5.2 fossil fuels run out
2.5.3 Gives off greenhouse gases
2.6 Modern living
2.6.1 Fast food
2.6.2 Organic/free range
2.6.3 Landfill
3 Helping
3.1 Alternative energy
3.1.1 Hydro electric
3.1.2 Solar power
3.1.3 Wind turbine
3.2 Conservation
3.2.1 Protecting an area or species Nature reserve
4 Teachings
4.1 Christianity
4.1.1 God made world and gave duty of stewardship to humans(Genesis)
4.1.2 The earth is the lord's and everything in it
4.1.3 More than ever,Individually and collectively, people are responsible for the future of plant(Pope John Paul II)
4.2 Islam
4.2.1 The world is green and beautiful and Allah has appointed you his stewards over it
4.2.2 It has been created as a place of workship

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