Environmental and Medical Ethics

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Environmental and Medical Ethics
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Environmental and Medical Ethics
1 Stewardship and the Environment
1.1 Christian beliefs...
1.1.1 Quotes Then the Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and guard it. - Genesis 2:15 God looked at everything he had made, and he was very pleased. - Genesis 1:31
1.1.2 The responsibility to be God's stewards and to leave the earth a better place than they found it means that Christians should try to reduce pollution and preserve resources
1.1.3 Christians should show stewardship by working to share the Earth's resources more fairly and improve the standard of living in LEDCs.
1.1.4 They will be judged on their behaviour as stewards
1.2 Islam beliefs...
1.2.1 Muslims should show stewardship by working to share the Earth's resources more fairly and improve the standard of living in LEDCs.
1.2.2 They will be judged on their behaviour
1.2.3 Muslims should try to reduce pollution and preserve resources
2 The threat of pollution
2.1 Deforestation
2.2 Global warming
2.3 Acid Rain
3 Environment and Creation
3.1 Non-religious arguments (environment)
3.1.1 Government Action
3.1.2 Science and Technology
3.1.3 Alternative lifestyles
3.2 Christian teachings
3.2.1 Environment It must be respected by humans because it has been made by God and it is a gift from God. God created the environment as something which is good and sacred therefore Christians have a duty to preserve the environment.
3.2.2 Creation Some Christians Believe that Genesis accounts of creation in 6 days are scientific fact (creationists). Many Christians The earth and everything was made by God in the way he intended it to be.
3.3 Islam teachings
3.3.1 Environment The universe and everything in it was created by Allah as a place perfectly suited for human life.
3.3.2 Creation The whole environment must be respected because it has been made by Allah as a gift to humans Allah has made a unity and balance increation, so Muslims have a duty to preserve the environment and keep the balance. Muslims believe Allah created the world and everything in it, so it was good and sacred therefore it must be respected and cared for by humans.
4 Medical treatments
4.1 Infertility
4.1.1 Options Surrogacy Embryo Donation IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) AIH (Artificial insemination by husband)
4.1.2 Non-religious beliefs... Psychological problems of the surrogate giving up their baby Children not knowing their genetic parents if a donor used
4.1.3 Christians beliefs... Roman Catholic Life is given by God and that no-one has a right to children Other Christians They allow IVF and AIH They have major concerns about embryo technology though. They feel it leads to problems of identity and legal problems.
4.1.4 Muslim beliefs... Most Muslims accept IVF and AIH Although Islamic lawyers are also against embryo technology for legal and identity reasons.
4.2 Transplant surgery
4.2.1 Non-religious beliefs... For Is an effective method of curing life-threating or disabling diseases Allows people to help others after their death Uses organs that would otherwise disappear Brings life out of death Against Encourages black market sales Very expensive
4.2.2 Christians beliefs... Most Christians agree with transplant surgery, but would disagree with organs being brought from poor people. Bible says the poor shouldn't be exploited Leaving organs for others is a way of loving your neighbour. Some Christians agree with transplant using organs from living people but not from dead people. Transplanting organs from the dead to the living is 'playing God' which is a sin Other Christians don't agree with transplant at all and will not carry a donor card Believes it ignores the sanctity of life
4.2.3 Muslim beliefs... Agree Some Muslim lawyers have said it is allowed Islam aims to do good and help people Disagree Shari'ah teaches that nothing should be removed from the body after death Qur'an teaches that only God has the right to give and take life
5 The problem of scare natural resources
5.1 Renewable resources
5.1.1 Are those that replace themselves after they have been used, they won't die out so they can be used freely
5.2 Non-renewable resources
5.2.1 Those that will run out after they have been used e.g. oil, gas, coal, iron and tin.
5.3 As the population grows, we increase the rate in which we use the earth's natural resources. Which is not good!

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