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A biology mindmap to help revise for GCSE (Not finished yet)

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1 Diet
1.1 Carbohydrates
1.1.1 Converts to mainly sugars Fuels cells
1.2 Protein
1.2.1 Building block Bones Muscles Skin Blood
1.2.2 Grows and repairs cells
1.3 Lipids
1.3.1 Helps body absorb vitamins A, D and E
1.4 Vitamins
1.4.1 Keeps the body running
1.5 Water
1.5.1 Need it to survive
1.5.2 50 - 60% of bodies are water
1.5.3 Need to replace 2.4 liters every day
1.6 Fibres
1.6.1 Helps digestive system
2 Keeping healthy
2.1 Metabolic rate
2.1.1 Speed of chemical reactions in our bodies How quickly food is used
2.1.2 Males have a higher Metabolic mate Have more muscles
2.1.3 Exercise Higher metabolic rate


  • Higher metabolic rate if your exercise
3 How to measure energy in food
3.1 Burn food
3.1.1 Burn the food until the temperature wont change The shortest time means it has more energy
4 Microbs
4.1 Pathogen
4.1.1 A microorganism that causes diseases
4.2 Sammelwies
4.2.1 Cured childbed fever
4.2.2 Stopped many other pathogens
5 Antibiotics
5.1 Definitions
5.1.1 Antibiotic Only kills bacterial cells
5.1.2 Antibody A chemical produced by white blood cells to kill foreign cells
5.2 Antiseptic
5.2.1 Kills all cells
6 Extention node
6.1 Edward jenner
6.1.1 Info Stopped cowpox Lived in Berkeley Used cowpox to stop smallpox
6.1.2 Cured smallpox by rubbling pus from cowbox on a boys arm over cuts The boy never got smallpox after being cured even after having some rubbed on his arm
6.1.3 Vacinations Puts a weak pathogen in your body which the white blood cells cure and remember how to cure it in the future MMR jab prevents measles, mumps and rubella
6.2 Antibiotic resistance
6.2.1 Medics can help lower resistant bacteria by using less antibiotics
6.2.2 Pendemic More cases of diseases in more than one country
6.2.3 Epidemic More cases of infection in one country
6.3 Nerves
6.3.1 Receptor > Sensory neuron > C.N.S > Motor neuron > Effector Stimulus > Receptor > C.N.S > Effector > Effect Pick up hot thing > Heat receptor in hand > Spine > Muscle in hand > drop hot thing C.N.S = Spine or brain Effector = Muscle gland
6.4 Nerves and hormones
6.4.1 Plants are sensitive to light (phototropism) Plants will always grow upwards towards the light Plant coordinated by the auxin
6.5 Drugs
6.5.1 Medical Calpol Allergy pills
6.5.2 Legal Antibiotics Legal steroids Antihistamine
6.5.3 Illegal Heroine Cannabis Speed
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