The Ages Of Empire

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The Ages Of Empire


  1. Byzantine Empire
    1. Capital: Constantinople Founded: May 11, 330 AD Date dissolved: 1453 Last emperor: Constantine XI Palaiologos Currency: Solidus Population: 5 million (1282) Government: Autocracy, Absolute monarchy
    2. Roman Empire
      1. Capitals: Ravenna, Constantinople, Sirmium, Syracuse, Mediolanum, Rome Founded: 27 BC Area: 4.4 million km² Date dissolved: 1453 First emperor: Augustus Population: 56.8 million (25 BC) Government: Autocracy, Absolute monarchy, Theocracy
      2. Nazi Germany
        1. Capital: Berlin Founded: 1933 Area: 633,786 km² Currency: Reichsmark Population: 90.03 million (1941) Date dissolved: 1945 Government: Dictatorship, Totalitarianism, Autocracy, One-party state
        2. Mongol Empire
          1. Capitals: Khanbaliq, Avarga, Karakorum Founded: 1206 Date dissolved: 1368 Government: Elective monarchy, Hereditary Monarchy Currencies: Chao, Dirham
          2. Ottoman Empire
            1. Capitals: Constantinople, Bursa, Söğüt, Edirne Founded: 1299 Area: 1.8 million km² Date dissolved: November 1, 1922 Population: 14.63 million (1919) Currencies: Ottoman lira, Akçe, Sultani, Kuruş, Para Government: Dual monarchy, Absolute monarchy, Constitutional monarchy
            2. french empire
              1. Capital: Paris Founded: 1804 Area: 860,000 km² Date dissolved: 1815 Currency: French franc Government: Popular monarchy, Absolute monarchy
                1. Capital: Paris Founded: 1852 Currency: French franc Government: Dual monarchy Date dissolved: 1870
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