What do I edit in my final piece of writing?


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Mariola Hejduk
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What do I edit in my final piece of writing?


  • Adapted from Successful Academic Writing by Gillett, A. et al (2009)
  1. Structure
    1. Internal
      1. Is there logic to my writing?
        1. Are my paragraphs linked together?
          1. Are my ideas developed fully in paragraphs?
            1. Does my text jump from one idea to another?
          2. Relevance
            1. Have I answered all questions in the instruction?
              1. Have I used the right format? I.e. Is it evident that I have written a letter/article/etc.?
                1. Is everything that I have written relevant to the topic?
                2. Communication
                  1. Is the language appropriate?
                    1. Contractions (e.g. hasn't, I'm)
                      1. Colloquial speech (e.g. 'thingy', 'telly')
                        1. Unfinished sentences
                          1. Repetition of words and phrases
                          2. Is the grammar correct?
                            1. Correct tense
                              1. Irregular verbs
                                1. Subject-Verb-Object
                                  1. Subject- verb agreement
                                    1. Complex and compound sentences
                                    2. Is punctuation correct?
                                      1. Full stops (.) at the end of the sentence and NOT in the middle
                                        1. Commas (,) separate parts of sentences
                                          1. Apostrophe (') used correctly
                                            1. Capital letters used correctly
                                            2. Is my spelling correct?
                                              1. adress or address?
                                                1. Typos (e.g. min, instead of mine)
                                              2. Economy
                                                1. Have I written too much/too little?
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