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Psychosexual stages


A Levels Psychology Mind Map on Psychosexual stages, created by Greenbird on 04/02/2014.
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Psychosexual stages
  1. Instincts/drive underlie behaviours and energise the mind
    1. Eros: erotic and self-preserving instincts
      1. Thanatos: aggression and self-destruction
        1. Human being energised by desire to gain and enhance bodily pleasure
        2. Early childhood experiences determine adult personality and behaviour
          1. 5 stages of child development
            1. Oral (1)
              1. 0-18 months
                1. Pleasure focused on mouth: sucking, biting, chewing
                  1. Adult fixation: smoking, overeating
                  2. Major development: weaning
                  3. Anal (2)
                    1. 18 months to 3 years
                      1. Pleasure focused on bowel and bladder eliminations, coping with demands for control
                        1. Adult fixation: Orderliness, messiness
                      2. Major development: toilet training
                      3. Phallic (3)
                        1. 3-6 years
                          1. Pleasure from genitals, coping with incestuous sexual feelings
                            1. Adult: deviancy, sexual dysfunction
                            2. Major development: resolving Oedipus/Electra complex
                            3. Latency (4)
                              1. 6-puberty
                                1. Dormant sexual feelings
                                  1. No adult fixation signs
                                2. Major development: developing defence mechanisms
                                3. Genital
                                  1. Mature sexual interests
                                    1. If all stages completed successfully, person should be sexually mature and mentally healthy
                                      1. Major development: reaching full sexual maturity
                                      2. Puberty onwards
                                  2. Oral, anal and phallic stages characterised by emotional and psychological conflict at an unconscious level (kept there by repression)
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