Rat Man study (Freud, 1909)


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Rat Man study (Freud, 1909)
  1. Aim: investigate the underlying cause of Ernst Lanzer's obsessive-compulsive neurosis
    1. Method: Freud saw him for a year
      1. Obsessive and fearful thoughts about rats, leading to obsessive behaviours
        1. From military training: heard of torture in which rats were put in bucket tied to buttocks and ate their way out through anus
          1. Fear of this happening to father or woman he admired led to obsessive-compulsive behaviours
      2. Results: behaviours came from love and unconscious hate for father, who he wanted to torture with rats
        1. Conclusion: obsessive-compulsive behaviours helped him overcome guilt and reduce anxieties
          1. Evaluation: Freud focused only on father, and ignored domineering mother
            1. Feelings of abandonment as a child might be a more plausible explanation
              1. Case study can't be generalised
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