Belonging in Jasper Jones and Related Texts

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A mind map of the elements of belonging in Jasper Jones and the related texts. Using Quotations and references.

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1 Jasper Jones
1.1 Community
1.1.1 Team The team represents a large pillar of the community. if you belong to the team then you belong in the community "insert quotation here" Made up of those who belong the most in the community
1.1.2 Prejudice Alienation Jasper Jones alienated due to his representation Jasper is only alienated when the community do not need him Easily discarded Jasper is blamed for mischief and crime in the town in place of the actual criminals Reality is that he really doesn't do most of those crimes The cricket team is the only time that Jasper is accepted and belongs in the community Once he leaves he is immediately alienated again by the community "insert quote here" Laura Wilshart Alienated by her family and the community Shame Pregnancy Racism Vietnam War Fear of communism "Insert Quotation here" Jeffrey and the Lu's feel a sense of alienation from the community due to their country of origin (Vietnam)
1.2 Friendship
1.2.1 Jeffrey and Charlie Friendship born out of convenience
1.2.2 Jasper and Charlie Friendship born out of necessity
1.2.3 Charlie and Eliza Whilshart Love Relationship takes a while to sprout A crisis links them both together
1.3 Family
1.3.1 Charlie's relationship to his parents Charlie has a childish, frictional relationship to his mother where it seems as though he is the smarter one "I'm your mother. I don't need a reason." With his father, charlie is treated more as an intellectual equal "The last time he offered me the Golden ticket to his library. I feel awkward and a little exhilerated. I'm not sure how I should respond.
2 The Shaw Shank Redemption
2.1 Belonging in a system
2.1.1 The prison system
2.1.2 A system that doesn't take care of them
2.2 Forced Belonging
2.2.1 The men are forced together by fate
2.2.2 The confines of the wall force relationships to form
2.2.3 Through this forced belonging the men find a way to belong in their own right E.g Red as the "Yes sir, I'm a regular Sears & Roebuck". Red has found his place in the prison.
2.3 Shared suffering
2.3.1 The men share the suffering of prison. They share the suffering of the warden and the Captain of the Guards
2.3.2 The bad inmates who are intimidating, e.g The sisters
3 Stand By Me
3.1 Belonging in Friendship
3.1.1 Childhood friendships They fade away as people grew Become a large part of life They shape a person
3.1.2 Social Groups Equal Groups Gordie's Group All of the boys are taken care of Although there is a special focus on the fact that Chris and Gordie belongs more to each other than Vern and Teddy Unequal Groups
3.2 Belonging through Circumstance
3.2.1 Geographic Location (Castle Rock) Small Amount of People Easy access to secrets Ray Brower's death The people that there are tend to be drawn to one another
3.2.2 Belonging in a Family The lack of family can lead to people being drawn together Frictional Family Relationship Chris Chambers' abusive father Teddy's estranged father
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