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Business Studies GCSE 3.4 Edexcel

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1 Senders
1.1 Somebody who sends information / commands to somebody
1.2 A bank manager
1.3 When somebody gives somebody else a message
2 Recievers
2.1 The person who gets the message
2.2 Shareholders
3 Internal
3.1 Communication happening inside a business (face to face)
4 External
4.1 Communication happening outside a business (via email)
5 Vertical
5.1 Communication in different levels in a business
6 Effective Factors
6.1 Information
6.1.1 The information must be clear and accurate for communication to be effective
6.2 Time and Place
6.2.1 The message must be sent to the right people at the right time
6.3 Good senders and recievers
6.3.1 People need to be able to get the messages across
6.4 Method
6.4.1 Everyone needs to be able to use the method to communicate Skype E-Mail
7 Feedback
7.1 A reciever may send feedback to the sender
8 Barriers
8.1 Things that inhibit communication
9 Horizontal
9.1 Communication in the same level in a business

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