Security Methods and Biometrics

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GCSE ICT B063 Revision on Security Methods and Biometrics

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Security Methods and Biometrics
1 Biometrics
1.1 Defenition: A method used to identify and individual based on physiological characteristics.
1.1.1 Examples: Fingerprint recognition, Palm Print recognition and Facial Recognition. Facial recognition- The facial features of the user are scanned and compared to a database. Palm Print recognition- The user's palm is placed on the machine and then the features of the palm are compared to a database. Fingerprint recognition- The user puts their index finger on the reader sensor, and the fingerprint is then compared to a database.
2 Security Methods
2.1 Defenition- When measures are put in place to stop any intruders from accessing the place which you want to secure.
2.1.1 Physical Security cameras Monitor's an area and creates video footage that can be viewed at a later time. Key Cards Magnetic key cards that have a special ID that allows you to only access certain doors. Number Locks Simple passcoded lock that has a specialised number to it that should be changed on a regular basis to ensure that maximum security measures are enforced. Security Guards A security guard can be used to ensure that no intruders bypass the area. However, this is not always the best method as it costs a lot of money to pay for the guard's wages.
2.1.2 Software Anti-virus software Used to scan the computer on a regular basis to ensure that a virus isnt on the computer. Encryption Widely used to ensure that data that is transmitted on a network cannot be stolen by hackers.
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