Threats to Data

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Threats to Data
1 Idnetity Theft
1.1 When someone steals your personal data and uses them to pretend to be you to get credit, apply for documents etc.
2 Malware
2.1 A hostile, intrusive or annoying piece of software or program
3 Opportunist Threats
3.1 People who find an unattended computer and try to view or steal what they can
4 Hacking
4.1 Unauthorised access to computer data with or without malicious internet
5 Phishing
5.1 Sending fake emails asking users to input password and security information in a bid to steal money
6 Accidental Damage
6.1 Natural Disaster, Mischief or Accidental damage
7 Physical Barriers
7.1 Locking workstations, offices etc.
8 Password Control
8.1 Password conventions to ensure they are strong, regular forced changing
9 Back up and Recovery
9.1 Storing a safe copy of the data, reugularly updated and away from the original. Can do full back up or incrimental back up.
10 Access levels
10.1 Set to allow individuals to access only a specific level of an application.
11 Encryption
11.1 Data is coded so that only the person with the key can unlock the code
12 Firewall
12.1 This monitors data arriving at the computer and leaving and stops anything unwanted.
13 Anti-Virus Software
13.1 Set up to intercept computer viruses before they do any damage . Can isolate viruses, remove and sometimes repair
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