What problems did the Weimar Republic face 1919-1923?

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Created by pjlovingthelearning over 5 years ago
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1 The Spartacist Rising (1919)
1.1 Led by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg
1.2 Spartacists were Communists
1.3 Ended by Freikorps
1.4 Tried to take over Berlin - Jan 1919
2 The Treaty of Versailles
2.1 It was a surprise - they thought it would be based on Wilson's 14 points


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2.2 It was harsh - e.g. accepting War Guilt
2.3 It was a diktat - they had no say
2.4 The reparations were huge
3 The Kapp Putsch
3.1 Putsch means rising
3.2 Led by Wolfgang Kapp
3.3 Involved 5,000 Freikorps
3.4 Ended by workers' strike
4 Hyperinflation
4.1 Could not afford reparations
4.2 French and Belgium invaded Ruhr
4.3 Workers = passive resistance but still paid
4.3.1 German government printed money to pay workers This led to hyperinflation
4.4 Winners - those with debts
4.5 Losers those with savings and paid monthly
5 Munich Beer Hall Putsch (1923)
5.1 Hitler and Nazis try to take power by force
5.2 Threatened Bavaria state leader at gunpoint
5.3 Ended because army supported Weimar
5.4 Sent to prison - Landsberg Fortress - 5 years
5.4.1 He wrote Mein Kampf