How did Hitler turn Germany from a democracy into a dictatorship (1933-1934)


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How did Hitler turn Germany from a democracy into a dictatorship (1933-1934)
  1. Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany
    1. Not very powerful
      1. Hindenburg thought he could control Hitler
        1. Appointed on 30th January 1933
          1. President Hindenburg still verypowerful
          2. Reichstag Fire
            1. 27th February 1933
              1. Blamed on Dutch Communist Marinus van der Lubbe
                1. Hitler persuaded Hindenburg that the Communists were dangerous
                  1. Hindenburg passed Law for the Protection of People and the State and Communists were arrested
                  2. Event helps Hitler crush the Communists - many arrested
                  3. Elections - March 1933
                    1. Nazis - 288 seats
                      1. Social Democrats - 120 seats
                        1. Communists - 81 seats
                          1. Nationalists - 74 seats
                            1. Nationalist Party - 52 seats
                            2. Enabling Act
                              1. Law gave Hitler power to pass any law he wanted
                                1. Hitler had powers of a dictator
                                  1. Passed with a 2/3 majority due to support from Nationalists, Catholic Centre Party and Communist being in prison
                                  2. Getting rid of other opposition
                                    1. January 1934 - banned State Parliamnets
                                      1. May 1934 - all political parties except Nazis banned
                                        1. Trade Unions replaced by German Labour Movement (DAF)
                                        2. Night of the Long Knives - June 1934
                                          1. SA were threatening Hitler's power - wanted to merge army and SA
                                            1. Leader of SA was Ernst Rohm
                                              1. SS used to kill SA leadership
                                                1. Removed opposition from in own party
                                                2. Death of President Hindenburg
                                                  1. Hindenburg died in August 1934 - natural causes
                                                    1. Hitler merges roles of Chancellor and President
                                                      1. Becomes Fuhrer
                                                        1. Leads to Cult of the Fuhrer
                                                          1. People worship Hitler - some old ladies ate gravel he walked on
                                                            1. Seen as saviour of Germany
                                                              1. Hitler's birthday is a national holiday. Adolf Hitler cakes
                                                                1. Pictures of Hitler displayed in every public building. No picture can be higher than his.
                                                            2. Army take an oath of allegiance to Hitler
                                                              1. Hitler now has complete control
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